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Top Ten List Creator for Sonique

This small application will keep tracks of all files played in Sonique and built a HItList over time.

No .ocx files are needed. You only need to have a file named "msvbvm50.dll" (or a later version , for example "msvbvm60.dll") in your windows\system folder.

As soon as you run topten.exe , nothing will actually happen.....!!!!
But as soon as you run Sonique.exe a new icon will appear in your system tray. This is the top ten icon! click it and the top10 window will appear.
Play some songs using sonique and their titles will appear in the top10 list. Double click these titles to play the songs directly from the top10 window!

---> To completely exit the program press either the "exit" button from the menu , or the small "x" button on the title bar
---> To hide the window , but keep the icon in the system tray , click "
hide" button from the menu or click the tray icon when the window is visible
---> "
List Depth" , opens a pull down menu which allows you to select between a top5 , top10 or top20 list
---> "
OnTop" instructs windows to keep the top10 window always on top
---> "
Show Options" will display some extra setup options , which are:

That's all!

(-DISCLAIMER- This really is a very simple and small application that should never hang or cause problems to other applications. Install and use this AT YOUR OWN RISK as I disclaim ALL and ANY RESPONSIBILITY !)

note : if you already have msvbvm50.dll or a higher version you only need Top10 minimal. If you have win98 or higher , ms office or one of it's components , or have previously installed some other vb application , you should have this file already!....